Why CISOs choose Link11

Kai Widua (CISO) from Beiersdorf Group explains why the company would take a risk without using a professional and proven DDoS protection solution, and what other benefits come with using Link11 technology.


Essential criteria for effective DDoS protection:

1. Precision in detecting an attack.

Many attacks often go unnoticed and also serve to prepare for further broad-based intrusions.

2. Speed in the process.

Anything that is not mitigated immediately or in a fraction of a second can not only lead to temporary downtime, e.g. of the website, but can bring down entire infrastructures and thus cause lasting damage.

3. Absolute European data protection compliance.

This provides a safeguard against significant liability risks and potential fines in the event of a legal violation.

4. Personal and direct contact.

From engineer to C-level, our experts are committed to the customer and are ready with guarantees and customer-oriented action in case of doubt.

5. Close exchange with authorities.

As a BSI-qualified critical infrastructure protection provider, we are in regular contact with the authorities.



Whether you already have a DDoS solution in place or you are considering the topic for the first time, our security experts are always available to provide advice and answer any questions you may have regarding a more effective DDoS protection solution.

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