Link11 DDoS protection for Swiss service provider Litecom

  • Thomas Pohle
  • December 12, 2017


Link11 DDoS protection for Swiss service provider Litecom

Starting now, the Swiss provider Litecom will offer its customers DDoS protection on the internet access level, relying on the German IT security specialist Link11’s proven DDoS protection solutions.

To provide its customers with the best possible protection from DDoS attacks, Litecom AG is expanding its security portfolio in cooperation with its partner Link11 GmbH. As of now, Litecom customers can benefit from fully automated protection of their internet access from this kind of attacks. The tried and tested Link11 DDoS protection solution covers both volume and application attacks.

The DDoS (distributed denial of service) threat level has been continuously high in Switzerland. According to the 2017 half-year report of the federal Information Security Reporting and Analysis Center (MELANI, Melde- und Analysestelle Informationssicherung), overload attacks are one of the three most common types of cyber-attack. (1) This is confirmed by the findings of the regularly published Link11 DDoS Report for Central Europe. (2) In the third quarter of 2017 alone, the Link11 Security Operations Center registered almost 27.000 attacks in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

DDoS attacks may shut down entire network areas, web servers or online shops by flooding the victim with manipulated requests. If the DDoS data traffic is not filtered and blocked, a website’s loading times may slow down extremely or legitimate data traffic may be shut down altogether.

Matthias von Arx, Litecom AG general manager: “The risk of networks and individual services being hit by DDoS attacks is rising steadily and can seriously impair our customers’ business operations. Conventional solutions involving appliances, content delivery networks (CDNs) or blackholing are not suitable for service providers like ourselves as they don’t provide the level of protection we require. Our evaluation shows that particularly mitigation duration, protection capacities and the efforts undertaken by customers to activate the services were insufficient. That’s why we decided on an even closer cooperation with Link11, and now we have a direct connection to the Zurich scrubbing center, which enables us to provide state-of-the-art DDoS protection for our customers’ internet connections.”

Marc Wilczek, Link11 general manager: “Since we opened our DDoS scrubbing center in Switzerland, demand has been very high. That’s why we have heavily invested in and expanded on the location so we can make sure to have enough capacity for new customers in the future. Also, it gave us an opportunity to introduce new services in Switzerland, for example local SSL handling. We’re very happy that Litecom AG now offers Link11 services within their own network, providing one of the most efficient DDoS protection solutions. At the same time, we ensure adherence to strict Swiss data protection legislation and have already implemented data-handling practices conforming to GDPR.”

These are the most important DDoS protection features implemented by Link11:

  1. Fully automated and complete protection from DDoS attacks without manual intervention
  2. Permanent availability, eliminating activation by the customer – traffic is monitored constantly and automatically filtered in case of an attack
  3. Use of the Link11 Security Operation Center’s comprehensive expertise so that the customer is not required to have any experience in dealing with DDoS attacks and vectors

About Litecom

Located in Aarau, Litecom AG is a telecommunications company founded by several energy suppliers in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. It is a well-established provider of telecommunications and IT security services for service providers, corporate clients and energy suppliers. As a Cisco Master Service Provider, it also offers comprehensive services involving Cisco products in the field of network infrastructure sales, planning, operation and support. In addition, the company’s LiteXchange fiber optic grid is a comprehensive business model for FTTH network operators to market and operate their FTTH infrastructure.

(1) MELANI: Semi-Annual Report 2017/1, 11/02/2017

(2)Link11 DDoS Report for Central Europe

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