Link11 on the “Cybersecurity 500 List” for the third time

  • Katrin Graewe
  • September 27, 2017


Link11 on the “Cybersecurity 500 List” for the third time

For the third time in a row, Link11 has made it onto the Cybersecurity 500 List. The DDoS protection experts from Germany have ranked amongst the “world’s hottest cybersecurity companies.”

The Cybersecurity 500 List includes the most innovative solutions from around the world in the field of IT security each quarter. Link11 once again impressed for the third time with their patent-pending and multiple award-winning DDoS protection solution “Made in Germany” as well as their regularly published DDoS reports for Europe. The company was number 395 in the third quarter of 2017. Link11 is one of more than 70 companies from Europe and the fourth-best of seven German companies that are mentioned on the list.

DDoS attacks are an ever present threat. In addition to dedicated Link11 DDoS Protection Solutions, however, an effective defense also includes practical experience and knowledge about the motivation and the approach of the perpetrators. Therefore, the Link11 Security Operation Center (LSOC) regularly publishes analyses and statistics on the DDoS threat situations. With their quarterly DDoS report and most recently the special report on the DDoS attacker ZZb00t, Link11 wants to share their knowledge with the public and the IT departments of companies in order to draw attention to the need for forward-looking DDoS protection.

For an overview of the 500 hottest and most innovative IT security companies, a jury made up of CISOs, security experts, and journalists analyzes thousands of companies every three months. It’s published by Cybersecurity Ventures, a US market research institute for IT security. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, revenue or number of employees play as little a role as annual growth rates for the ranking.

“We don’t believe that a list of the larger cybersecurity companies would be helpful for our target audience of cyber and IT decision-makers, experts, and consultants,” says Cybersecurity Ventures founder and CEO, Steve Morgen. “They already know who the largest providers are. Instead, we draw attention to the hottest and most innovative companies.”

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