Telekom Executive Marc Wilczek Joins Link11’s Management Board

  • Katrin Graewe
  • November 20, 2017


Telekom Executive Marc Wilczek Joins Link11’s Management Board

The German DDoS protection provider Link11 sets course for international growth and expands its management team

The German DDoS protection provider Link11 is on course for continued growth. Tasked with accelerating the company’s growth, Marc Wilczek, a former executive with the Deutsche Telekom group, has been named managing director by Link11. He joins the existing management board consisting of Jens-Philipp Jung and Karsten Desler. In the newly created role of chief operating officer, Marc Wilczek is responsible for the strategic expansion of the company’s business activities and customer relations. The new line-up sees Jens-Philipp Jung serve as finance director at Link11, while Karsten Desler remains at the helm of the Link11 DDoS filter clusters’ continued development and expansion of the requisite network infrastructure.

“Adding Marc Wilczek to our management team is an important milestone for Link11 in terms of creating ideal conditions for our growth and expansion plans,” says Link11 co-founder Jens-Philipp Jung. “With Marc Wilczek joining, we gain a proven internationalization expert who has a proven track record of developing and implementing growth plans for new markets.”

As of November 15, 2017, Marc Wilczek began serving as the third member of the Link11 management team. He is in charge of business development in Germany and abroad as well as managing marketing and sales. He is an experienced executive not only highly adept at IT security, but also closely familiar with the expansion of structures and markets on an international stage. At the Deutsche Telekom group, Wilczek served in an executive capacity and most recently drove the development of the group’s cloud strategy and portfolio as vice president of T-Systems. Previously, he was Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific/Latin America/Middle East & Africa at CompuGroup Medical, a leading provider of digital health solutions. Beforehand, he had spent roughly a decade at IT security vendor Utimaco Safeware (now Sophos), where he finally served as Managing Director, Asia Pacific, after building up the company’s global channel business and partner ecosystem from scratch.

“I’m joining Link11 at a very exciting time. As digitization continues to progress, it is increasingly important to ensure the performance and availability of corporate IT systems. Link11 is experiencing a high demand for DDoS protection solutions and, due to its extensive expertise in attack detection and defense, leads the field when it comes to providing protection for infrastructure and online services. I’m very happy to be part of this innovative and promising company and to help drive its international growth and worldwide success,” says Marc Wilczek.

The number of DDoS attacks has been growing continuously for years. Deloitte Global’s estimate for 2017 is that more than 10 million attacks occur per month.(1)  With attack bandwidths in the terabit range and new attack vectors, attackers are usually one step ahead of unprotected companies. This very serious threat is having an impact: awareness for the need for advanced IT security in general and DDoS protection in particular is on the rise around the globe, and companies are increasing their investments in these safeguards. More and more companies are integrating dedicated DDoS protection solutions into their IT systems. In Germany alone, use of cloud scrubbing techniques such as those provided by Link11’s DDoS protection scheme has grown by 6 % in the past 12 months.(2)

Since 2013, the cloud-based DDoS protection solution developed by Link11 has been very successful in the German-language IT security marketplace. The multi-award-winning solution (patent pending) has quickly turned Link11 into one of the leading providers in Germany. Among Link11’s clients are many DAX-listed corporations and leading companies in the fields of e-commerce, finance, insurance, media and manufacturing based in German-speaking Europe.

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