Bot Management

  • Effective bot traffic detection, classification, and management
  • Valuable insight into all bot actions
  • Detection of malicious activity without blocking helpful bots

Enhanced visbility

Bot Management gives you an unparalleled overview, detailing every good and bad bot that visits your website.

Tailored Protection

Customize existing policies to specify which bots are wanted and which should be blocked out of your system.

Efficient Profiling

Seamlessly differentiate between human traffic and bots to distinguish between genuine visitors and threats.

All possibilities
with one solution

Much of the world’s Internet traffic is automated and attributed to bots. With our bot management, you manage the automated traffic on your website, effectively detecting, classifying, identifying, and blocking malicious activity without excluding helpful bots.

Powerful classification

With Bot Management, you’ll benefit from classification logs showing all the information about the visiting bots. This lets you review the logs and identify which requests have been marked as bots by the system.

Bot Management determines in advance which bots are classified as good or bad and what their purposes are. Thanks to the existing classification rules, you can update this assumption to tailor the incoming traffic to your needs better. You also have the alternative option to show a captcha instead of blocking a certain part of the bot traffic directly.

No entry for bad traffic

Incoming traffic is divided into three categories: human traffic, which is not generated by a bot; harmful bots, which have something malicious or at least suspicious in mind; and helpful bots, which have been flagged as either harmless or beneficial. A good bot would be something like the Google web crawler.

With the classification of these categories, you can see at a glance how the bot traffic is distributed on your website and how you can best deal with these desired or undesired visitors.

Rules for everything

Bot Management offers you the greatest advantages when there are the appropriate setting options to adapt the system ideally to your ideas. Only with the help of numerous customization options can you ensure down to the smallest detail which traffic you want.

That’s why we offer you a wide range of settings, from simple traffic organization to whitelisting special IPs to categorizing individual bot types. Let the system work the way you want it to.

Reliable mobile detection

Mobile traffic behaves somewhat differently than classic traffic, as many different devices are often behind a single public IP. Some systems have their problems with this, as the actions of a single malicious actor can often affect all users behind that IP address.

With our Bot Management, this will not happen to you. The system detects the malicious source and uses factors other than the source IP to identify requests differently and block them if necessary. The technology even detects bots coming through NAT-protected IP addresses or trying to gain access via obfuscated or spoofed sources.

Features that make a difference

Classification Logs

Gain deep insight into our bot detection process with Classification Logs. These logs provide a comprehensive view of the requests that contributed to classifying a source IP as a bot.

Leverage these logs to better understand how we detect bots and get a look behind the curtain at how our system works.

Classification Rules

Flexibility is at the heart of effective Bot Management. Our Classification Rules empower you to adjust our predefined assumptions to align perfectly with your unique traffic requirements.

This customization reduces false positives, ensuring smooth and hassle-free operations, and gives you control over how we treat bots on your web application.

Bot Profiling

Review the breakdown of traffic reaching your web applications. Traffic is categorized as Human traffic, traffic from approved or expected bots, and traffic from malicious or unknown bots.

Understanding the balance between these three types of traffic helps determine the effectiveness of the Bot management service. It gives strong insight into the types of users accessing your web application.

Organization Rules

Take control of Organization Rules. Define default actions for “bad” bots to set a baseline response and tailor specific actions for individual bots.

For bad bots, you can choose between blocking the traffic outright or presenting a captcha, all based on your unique preferences and security needs.


Ensure the seamless operation of your own automated tools with Whitelisting. Whether it’s administrator IPs or a monitoring solution user agent, you can permit specific traffic to bypass our bot management logic, allowing your trusted systems to function without interruption.



Our Fingerprinting feature uses advanced TLS connection fingerprinting based on the JA3 technology. It converts unique connection attributes into cryptographic hashes, allowing us to identify specific connection patterns. By doing so, we can precisely detect potential threats and malicious sources, adding an extra layer of security beyond source IPs.

This approach reduces false positives, ensuring the efficient and accurate identification of security threats in your network.

Mobile Detection

Overcome challenges related to NAT (Network Address Translation) with Mobile Endpoint Detection. This feature utilizes factors beyond source IPs to pinpoint requests that should be blocked, ensuring precise and effective bot management for your network.

Easy to use, powerful in the result

The timeseries chart: Review bot activity over time. Inspect the activity of bots on your web application in real time.


Bot Requests by Category: Breakdown the types of bots both good and bad interacting with your web application. Known bots are grouped by category, unknown bots are grouped by the method used to identify them.


Request Distribution: Evaluate the percentage of traffic generated by good and bad bots compared to non bot visitors to your web application.


Also good to know: Get statistics about the top types of bots, the most common organizations behind automated traffic and data on Captcha solve rate for your web application.


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