Infrastructure DDoS Protection

  • Cloud-based DDoS protection for infrastructure
  • Automation ensures 24/7 protection
  • Zero time to mitigate for known, < 10 seconds for new vectors

Fast & Precise

A strong global network of Scrubbing Centers that ensures an efficient and scalable solution to defend you against DDoS attacks of all sizes.

Intelligent technology

State-of-the-art technology that is constantly evolving, thanks to artificial intelligence, and works without additional human action.

Maximum flexibility

A wide range of implementation options – you can integrate the DDoS protection into almost any setup without much effort.

All possibilities
with one solution

In addition to scalability, precision, and speed play an important role in protecting you from DDoS attacks. The strategic distribution of global data centers is particularly important because the closer distance to the network means lower latency. This is critical for effective real-time mitigation.

Hyperscale Network on another level

With the Link11 hyperscale network, you are always on the safe side and can concentrate on what is really important. Due to the lower latency, you are guaranteed the appropriate capacity in every situation. So, simple attacks and dangerous large-scale attacks can be responded to quickly.

Our system ensures even more advantages: Thanks to the unique network design, routing to major Internet hubs and global Tier1 carriers has been optimized. In addition, you benefit from a dedicated transatlantic and transpacific Layer2 backbone. The result? Lightning-fast latency and a 100 percent uptime rate for your infrastructure.

Better than your industry standard

With the Link11 hyperscale network, you are always safe and can focus on what is truly important. Because of the lower latency, you are guaranteed adequate capacity in all situations. So, simple attacks and dangerous large-scale attacks can be responded to quickly.

Our system provides even more benefits: Routing to major Internet hubs and global Tier1 carriers has been optimized due to the unique network design. You also get a dedicated transatlantic and transpacific Layer2 backbone. The result? Your infrastructure will have lightning-fast latency and a 100% uptime rate.

Patented filter algorithm

With Infrastructure DDoS Protection, you benefit from a patented multi-dimensional filtering algorithm that analyzes traffic in detail. Instead of being based on thresholds at a specific point in time, it examines each data packet on four dimensions: What, Who, When, and Where.

Filtering traffic on four levels has practical benefits for you: There are fewer false positives and false negatives because the technology is even more accurate in detecting a DDoS attack case – the pleasant side effect is less administrative work. After all, the system doesn’t filter out legitimate users by mistake.

Tailor-made protection standard

When implementing the security solution, you have the choice of which setup suits your requirements better: Either use it as an always-on solution, where your traffic is permanently routed through one of our scrubbing centers, or as a standby solution, which only redirects traffic through our scrubbing centers in the event of an attack.

The always-on solution offers you maximum security, as you don’t have to do anything yourself in the event of an attack, significantly increasing the time to mitigate. At the same time, if you are a little further away from one of our scrubbing centers, you can benefit from always-on provisioning with no rerouting during quiet periods.

Features that make a difference

Triple SLAs

You get a service guarantee from us with our triple and unique SLA promise. We guarantee availability, time to mitigate, and protection bandwidth. So you can always have peace of mind because we don’t just promise “best effort” but hard numbers to guide you.

Especially for business-critical applications and network segments, it is important that you can be sure of maximum reliability, and that is precisely why we have created the triple SLA guarantee for you.

Layer 2 or GRE

How you connect to one of our scrubbing centers is up to you. You have the choice between a Layer2-Connect or a GRE connection.

Layer2-Connect does not work over the public Internet and, therefore, offers various advantages, but a GRE connection can also be useful in the right setup.

L2 Remote or MSP

Through our cooperation with COLT, EUnetworks, and BSO, in addition to a Layer2 connection with our scrubbing centers, you also benefit from a connection to over 1000 data centers worldwide.

This means you no longer have to search for a separate Layer2 provider to connect to the data center. This saves valuable time and effort.

Detailed Filtering

Typical DDoS protection solutions on the market rarely offer you accurate filtering of your own traffic. With the help of our DPI filtering, however, you can analyze each data packet in much more detail.

The filters we provide protect you on layers 3/4 as well as layer 7. You can easily add the filtering to already existing network security solutions and benefit from the extended overview.

Our Hyperscale Security Cloud

Strategic Positioning

Locations at many global business hubs: 2 Security Operation Centers, 10 Scrubbing Centers & 40+ POPs.


We operate our own Layer2 backbone, which makes our network faster than the Internet. FRA-LAX < 100ms

Supercomputer Cluster

Our AMD-EPYC-7×3 CPU security cluster can serve 3.2 trillion PPS per rack.

Easy to use, powerful in the result

Everything at a glance: The dashboard shows key metrics, threat data, attacks averted, and data on bandwidth saved or traffic consumed. The flexibility of the data display is particularly noteworthy, as historical data can also be displayed via a data picker.


Reporting allows creating individual reports and scheduled reports, which can also be exported to PDF. In addition, there is function to send reports automatically at specified times.


User management gives administrators a detailed overview. User rights and security information can thus be conveniently checked and assigned. Details, such as the time of the last password change, and the activation of the two-factor authentication procedure can be found here.


Alarming: The notification frequency can be set in the contact settings. This allows customization so that users can be selected by products or areas of responsibility, for example. This way, only selected people can receive notifications and communication becomes more efficient.

The New DDoS Benchmark

Why fast DDoS Detection is no longer good enough

Testing DDoS mitigation solutions against common attack scenarios – A Frost & Sullivan Whitepaper

"Only solutions that can deliver swift and precise DDoS mitigation can help organizations achieve true operational resilience in the face of web-based threats. The quicker the mitigation is, the smaller is the business risk."

Mikita Hanets, Frost & Sullivan, Industry Analyst


Why you can rely on Link11

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