Secure CDN

  • Fast content distribution incl. Live-Streaming & VoD
  • Extra protection layer for enhanced security
  • 100% GDPR compliant

Turbo Performance

Accelerate your content with our globally distributed Multi-Terabit CDN network with 40+ POPs and GeoDNS to connect to the nearest node.

Reliable Security

Increased security for your content: Our CDN nodes are secured against Layer 3/4 DDoS attacks by Link11 filter clusters.

Compliant & Certified

Headquartered in Europe, we meet the highest security and data protection requirements and fulfill all your compliance requirements.

All possibilities
with one solution

Increase your conversion with our global CDN infrastructure to speed up your website load times and provide the highest streaming quality to your customers. Through improved loading times, it has been shown that conversion rates can be improved up to 2,5 times. You also benefit from the highest possible security and compliance for your content. Secure CDN combines all the benefits in one innovative solution.


Reduce costs & gain advantages

Thanks to the low latency connections and short node paths, your customers can access your content quickly and easily anywhere in the world. At the same time, your company also saves costs, as your hardware infrastructure has to process significantly less load.

Our efficient data compression shortens loading times even further and saves you money by reducing the size of the transferred data. Numerous settings for caching behavior allow you to further optimize the precise use and improve the cache hit rate.

Protection at the highest level

The additional Layer 3 & 4 protection of the CDN nodes ensures continuous uptime so that you always benefit from the advantages of a CDN. The risk of a DDoS attack on these layers is minimal. The CDN can continue distributing your content even if the origin server doesn’t respond.

Moreover, you can seamlessly integrate the CDN with our other security solutions, such as Layer 7 DDoS protection, Zero Touch WAF, or Bot Management, to get maximum protection at all layers.

Maximum Compliance 

With Access Control, you always control who can access your content in the CDN nodes’ cache using features such as Geo-Blocking, IP blacklists, and IP whitelists. This gives you quick and easy flexibility to further enhance the security and compliance of the CDN solution.

Geofencing, in turn, allows you to selectively choose which CDN nodes to use for delivering content to users to prevent content from being stored in unintended locations. This can be done on a country-specific and regional level – perfect, for example, if your focus is on absolute compliance with strict European data protection guidelines.

Features that make a difference


Videostreaming & VoD

Reliably deliver live streams and video-on-demand (VoD) high-resolution content up to 4k. Secure CDN lets you offload network-intensive processes to our network to reduce latency and improve the user experience. Another advantage is that all this is possible without additional plugins or players. We can receive your stream and encode and segment the data without any additional delivery overhead.


Manage via WebGUI/API or HTTP Header

Flexibly decide how you want to manage the CDN settings yourself. Configuration is possible via WebGUI/API or HTTP headers like cache-control. Caching headers set by customers are fully respected and supported unless you have specified a different preference in the WebGUI.


Access Logs

Access logs let you monitor and analyze requests on your CDN network in a clear way. You have the ability to see detailed information about CDN node accesses, including various information about requests, file metrics and data protocols.

You can also configure which HTTP headers and cookies to log. Use the access logs to analyze your traffic patterns and further optimize your cache hit rate. By doing so, you further improve the performance of the CDN.

Faster than the internet

Our global Link11 Fast Path topology with a dedicated Layer2 backbone provides a fast network interface to connect from anywhere. We are present on all continents in all major business centers, so the connection distances for you and your users to the CDN network are as short as possible.

Why you can rely on Link11

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Lightning-fast content with extra security

Together, we will create a customized solution for your content delivery network. Our security experts will happily support you and advise you without obligation on the benefits of our Link11 solutions for your company.

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