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  • Our AI system learns in real time from all attacks
    blocked by Link11.
  • The patented defense against DDoS attacks is
    always one step ahead.
  • Zero time to mitigate for known, under 10
    seconds for new vectors. Guaranteed.

DDoS protection in detail –
Cyber weapons in action

Systematic attacks via hijacked computers and servers aim at smothering the target’s unprotected infrastructure. The resulting downtime damages the reputation and the business. Some attacks even serve as a distraction while a major data theft is under way.

Protection from such attacks plays a significant role and is usually readily available.

DDoS attacks are capable of paralyzing web servers or entire networks. Unlike simple denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) have an enormous impact. With this method, multiple computers attack a web page or an entire network infrastructure concurrently and as an array (bot networks).

This can quickly cause a server outage. Typical DDoS attacks aim at overloading the access link, the firewall resources, and the web and database servers.


Cyber attacks get increasingly dangerous and expensive

The threat landscape for the first half of 2021 shows: DDoS attacks are becoming more complex and larger

Rise in complex attacks:
from 49 % to 65 %

Peak in DDoS attack bandwidths:
1.118 Gbps

The longest attack:
5.1489 minutes


Reliable protection without any loopholes

Link11 offers two solutions at once with its patented 360-degree DDoS protection to either protect critical network infrastructures or fend off attacks against web applications.


Infrastructure DDoS Protection

With the help of Link11’s DDoS protection solution, your network infrastructures are protected around the clock via Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). All of this is automated, without any human involvement. This ensures straightforward and effective handling of potential threats and an infrastructure that remains unaffected during a DDoS attack.



Web DDoS Protection

At the core of Link11’s patented DDoS protection is a complex and self-learning AI that analyzes and stops attacks in a fraction of a second. Together with our fingerprint technology, which classifies every visitor in the background according to threat level using hundreds of parameters, web applications are safe from negative influences around the clock.


Your advantages of the patented
Link11 anti DDoS solution

Protect your web pages and IT infrastructure from DDoS attacks on all levels


Self-learning AI Shield

All attacks that Link11 fends off are stored in a sequence database. The self-learning AI of the anti DDoS solution analyses each attack sequence and compares it in real time with threat patterns. All protected companies benefit from this, as similar incidents are anticipated and an ever faster response is achieved.

Always on - guaranteed

Zero Time-to-mitigate

Real-time mitigation for a DDoS attack takes effect within 0 to 10 seconds – for each attack vector. If you choose the Always-On variant via BGP, Link11 offers 24/7 support and automatically detects and mitigates attacks. Human error can thus be excluded. With guaranteed protection bandwidths. Without any cost traps in case of long lasting attacks.

360° Protection

Protection on all layers

Thanks to the intelligent architecture, all types of DDoS attacks are comprehensively fended off. Depending on connection and booked service with Web DDoS and/or infrastructure DDoS protection, Link11 offers reliable defense against DDoS attacks on layers 3,4, 7 and is ready for use within minutes.

No investment risk

Cloud-based service

Expensive investments in additional hardware and tedious training of your staff are no longer necessary. The Link11 technology runs entirely in the cloud and automatically evolves constantly, so protection measures are always kept up to date. So you can focus entirely on your business – without any distractions.

Innovation for our customers

Patented technology

The German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) has granted Link11 a patent on its cutting-edge anti DDoS technology. Link11’s invention is listed under the title: “Fending off an attack on a computer system via a network”. For more information please read our press release.



Individual packages

As you grow and need to expand your infrastructure, so does your digital protection. Special packages tailored to your needs simplify the overview of your booked services. And of course, we’re always available to answer any questions you may have.


Our Service Philosophy


Intelligent and automated AI technology that uses “whitelisting” legitimate traffic is learned autonomously which results in real-time detection of threats and anomalies.


Real-time mitigation within 0 to 10 seconds of all vectors. Always-on combined with the cloud-based protection solution ensures immediate response.


We significantly reduce risks and avoid prolonged system downtime. Our protection solution is “Made in Germany” and 100 percent compliant with the EU Data Protection Directive.


360-degree DDoS Protection

  • Patented reliable and self-learning AI that prevents humans errors
  • SLA guaranteed real-time response for all vectors at all levels within 0-10 seconds of an attack
  • SLA protection bandwiths of 100/200/500/1.000 Gbps within our own global multi-terabit network. Guaranteed.
  • SLA guaranteed service uptime up to 99,99%
  • Always-on service at no additional cost
  • Protection unlimited in time, no matter how long the attack may last
  • Our cloud-based solution works independently of the platforms of use
  • DDoS service provider qualified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)

An Essential Element of Cyber Security

We offer a much simpler way to secure, manage and monitor network access so that development and operations can collaborate effectively.

  • Hosting
  • Logistic
  • Banking & Finance
  • E-Commerce
  • Utilities
  • Online Gaming
  • Media
  • Public Sector


Intelligent protection solutions for your own network as well as for your customers secure your business and growth.
The patented AI technology stops DDoS attacks in seconds. Our experience in the hosting business combined with our customized DDoS protection offerings become your advantage.



With Link11’s protection solutions, you can secure your company’s infrastructure and web applications against all threats, depending on your needs. Whether it’s DDoS attacks or malicious bots, Link11’s smart technologies provide proven security for the logistics industry at all times.


Banking & Finance

The banking and financial services sector is not only particularly critical to everyday life, but at the same time extremely sensitive to negative external influences. This is because disruptions, such as those caused by cyber attacks on online banking, make themselves directly felt by everyone. Link11 offers innovative and proven protection solutions to reliably protect companies in the banking and financial services sector around the clock and at all levels.



For E-Commerce, availability is essential in order to function at all. It is therefore of utmost importance that the servers are always available and that the customer gets the best possible user experience. Link11’s security solutions meet both objectives: We secure the web presence against cyber attacks and at the same time ensure high website performance.



Energy supply is one of the most fundamental sectors of any country and is therefore classified by governments as critical infrastructure. This includes, for example, power generation, power transmission or power distribution in the form of power plant or network operators.


Online Gaming

Online gaming is becoming increasingly popular and the number of players is growing steadily. It is currently estimated at 3 billion.
Multiplayer gaming is particularly popular, with players networking worldwide and in real time.



Online media play an extremely important role in today’s information society and have replaced classic print media as the most important news source in many areas. Link11’s intelligent security technology ensures that content is accessible – around the clock.


Public Sector

Many countries have been trying to digitize the public sector since before yesterday. In the search for the best possible digitization tool, there is hardly any way around the cloud – the technical possibilities coupled with great flexibility are an unbeatable argument, but also harbor extremely high security risks.


Why Product Managers choose Link11

Jochen Weper (Product Manager) from Arvato Systems talks about the close collaboration with Link11 and what opportunities open up for the company after integrating an intelligent always-on protection solution.


The New DDoS Benchmark

Why fast DDoS Detection is no longer good enough

Testing DDoS mitigation solutions against common attack scenarios – A Frost & Sullivan Whitepaper

"Only solutions that can deliver swift and precise DDoS mitigation can help organizations achieve true operational resilience in the face of web-based threats. The quicker the mitigation is, the smaller is the business risk."

Mikita Hanets, Frost & Sullivan, Industry Analyst


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