Everything from one source – The Secure CDN (Content Delivery Network) from Link11 is the perfect addition to the Link11 DDoS Protection and guarantees availability of your files wherever and whenever they’re needed.

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Why Secure CDN makes sense

Nowadays, content and applications must reach customers and businesses faster than ever before. The benefits of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) in general are load balancing by vendor, geo-distribution, reduction of the required number of web servers thanks to caching and for example image resizing on the fly, which saves designers time and resources.

A CDN guarantees that your Internet content will load faster. This includes, for example, Java scripts, HTML pages, documents or videos, and images.

Link11’s Secure DNS solution does of all this, too, but with an additional layer that massively increases protection during use.

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Secure CDN, the way it’ssupposed to be

Unlike traditional CDNs, Link11 offers a Secure CDN. Due to Link11’s strict proxy rules, it’s impossible for cybercriminals to hide a malicious code within a request. Thanks to strict compliance with EU-wide General Data Protection Regulations, no data is transferred to blacklisted countries.

A behavior-based approach to list access control (ACL), for example, for globally distributed website editors in the media industry, can be combined into a single ACL. Link11’s Threat Protection Shield also provides 360-degree security at all levels and can only be passed by clean traffic.

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