Web DDoS Protection

  • Cloud-based DDoS protection for web applications
  • Automation ensures 24/7 protection
  • Zero time to mitigate for known, < 10 seconds for new vectors

Precise detection

No need to worry about complex attacks anymore: The system detects traffic anomalies and protects you from emerging threats in real time.

Full automation

No work for you: manual operation is not required, and the system works fully automatically and without compromise.

Detailed customization

Whitelisting, blacklisting, enhanced logs, traffic control, and more – helpful features help you make everyday life as easy as possible.

All possibilities
with one solution

DDoS attacks continue to increase and still cause great damage today. In addition to the frequency, the complexity and duration of an attack cause major problems for the defense. Therefore, the deployed solution should intervene precisely and quickly to best protect you from threats and high costs due to downtime.

Guaranteed protection

With Web DDoS Protection, you’ll be protected by a system that, thanks to artificial intelligence, effectively stops attacks on layers 3, 4, and 7. You’ll also benefit from numerous algorithms and heuristics that monitor and evaluate events at the application layer. With this combination, you can count on guaranteed mitigation of the attack within the shortest possible time.

Our system analyzes the typical traffic patterns of your web applications and identifies any anomalies that deviate from the “normal” or appear suspicious. This proactive approach ensures your protection not only against known threats but also against new and unknown ones.

More focus on your core business

Our DDoS Protection makes your job as easy as possible. That’s why the security solution’s detection and mitigation tools work entirely without manual intervention. Attacks are detected and mitigated in real-time without you having to interact with the protection. This ensures that you and your applications are protected around the clock, at any time of day.

This automated security saves time and money and makes it even easier for you to focus on what matters most. Another advantage is that you don’t need to contact us in the event of an attack. Our system already knows and has taken all the necessary steps to mitigate the threat. Your everyday business can, therefore, continue as if nothing had happened.

Exactly the way you need it

Individual settings help you tailor the system ideally to your needs – our Web DDoS Protection offers just that. Provide the solution with your own certificate or use one from us, set up TCP port forwarding, or modify the geoblocking function. The choice is entirely yours.

The choices mean you don’t have to work with a rigid system that dictates what you can and can’t do. Take advantage of the flexibility and tailor your settings to the exact situation.

Features that make a difference

Access Logging & Monitoring

Our comprehensive access logs and interactive dashboard visualizations give unparalleled transparency and detailed insights into your network’s traffic patterns. Our access logs meticulously record every connection, offering a granular view of requester activity during regular operations and amidst attack scenarios.

But we don’t stop there – our user-friendly dashboards transform this data into actionable visual representations, making it effortless for you to monitor, analyze, and strategize your defense. Trust is built on transparency, and our access logs and dashboards empower you with the knowledge you need to stay informed and secure.

Flexible IP & Geoblocking

Shape your defense strategy to perfection with our customizable IP, Geo, and ASN Blocking Algorithms, offering you the ultimate control over your security measures. These dynamic algorithms allow you to finely adjust your protection, ensuring a harmonious balance between robust security and reducing false positives to a minimum.

Whether you need to block specific IPs, regions, or ASNs (Autonomous System Numbers), our comprehensive suite of blocking options allows you to create a tailored security solution that perfectly aligns with your organization’s unique requirements thanks to Whitelisting.

Captcha Defense for suspicious IPs

Safeguard your network against suspicious IPs with our robust Captcha verification system, effectively filtering out automated and bot traffic while allowing legitimate users to access your services seamlessly. What sets us apart is our commitment to privacy and data protection.

With this added layer of security, you can confidently protect your network while respecting user privacy and legal requirements.

Enhanced Web Traffic Management

Elevate your network’s performance with an array of advanced features, including Redirects, Origin Load Balancing, and Origin Timeouts. Redirects efficiently steer unencrypted HTTP traffic towards secure HTTPS connections at the edge, enhancing data security. Meanwhile, Origin Load Balancing distributes incoming traffic intelligently across multiple servers within your architecture, ensuring optimal resource utilization and minimal latency.

Finally, Origin Timeouts empowers you to set precise connection and read timeout values, preventing requests from exceeding defined limits and enhancing overall network efficiency. These versatile tools collectively optimize traffic distribution and help you achieve and maintain peak performance for your online services.

Easy to use, powerful in the result

Everything at a glance: The dashboard shows key metrics, threat data, attacks averted, and data on bandwidth saved or traffic consumed. The flexibility of the data display is particularly noteworthy, as historical data can also be displayed via a data picker.


Reporting allows creating individual reports and scheduled reports, which can also be exported to PDF. In addition, there is function to send reports automatically at specified times.


User management gives administrators a detailed overview. User rights and security information can thus be conveniently checked and assigned. Details, such as the time of the last password change, and the activation of the two-factor authentication procedure can be found here.


Alarming: The notification frequency can be set in the contact settings. This allows customization so that users can be selected by products or areas of responsibility, for example. This way, only selected people can receive notifications and communication becomes more efficient.


Why you can rely on Link11

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